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What is an Umbrella and why do I need it?
  An Umbrella Liability policy provides protection for large liability claims rising out of your auto and home personal activities, or businessowner/artisan and commercial auto business activities.
  The Umbrella program is designed to protect consumers' financial assets beyond the limits they've purchased in their primary policies.
  Being involved in a large liability lawsuit is a more frequent occurrence than ever before and could happen to all of us.  Not only are judgments often high, but the cost of defending yourself can be astronomical.  Here are some examples of situations where an umbrella policy would be needed:
  Your vehicle, on ice, crosses the centerline of the road, severely injuring or killing the occupants of an on-coming vehicle.  The State of Wisconsin affords a wrongful death award of $350,000 per adult, and $500,000 per child.  These damages, or severe permanent injuries, can quickly exhaust the underlying home or auto limits.
  A child wanders on to your property when you are not home and is seriously injured or killed.  The parents of the child claim your are negligent and file a large lawsuit against you.
  A passenger in your boat is severely injured during a boating accident.  In addition to medical bills, they also claim they can no longer do their job and file a lawsuit for lost earnings and pain and suffering.  This amount could considerably exceed primary policy limits.

A telephone repairman arrives at your office building on a rainy day to make repairs. On his second trip up an interior stairwell, he slips on the slate stairs and falls to the landing. The general manager of your building says he had no warning about water on the stairs. The repairman underwent several knee, back and neck surgeries and now requires a cane. The jury found you 100% responsible, and awarded the plaintiff $1,600,000 in damages. You have a businessowners policy with $1 million limits. Fortunately, you also have a $2 million umbrella policy that will cover $600,000 of the award.

Policy Features
  Wisconsin Mutual will write an umbrella policy for customers that have their primary home and auto or commercial business/artisan or commercial auto policies with our company, and have underlying limits of $300,000 on home, $250,000/$500,000 on auto and $1,000,000 CSL on commercial.  The following are features of the umbrella policy:
  Policies may be purchased at levels of 1 - 5 million and picks up coverage where the primary policies cuts off.
  Provides worldwide protection, where the primary policies only cover the U.S., it's territories and possessions, and Canada.
  Provides liability protection from non-paid activities as an officer or director of an organization; also pays for liability arising from part-time businesses (baby-sitting, mowing the lawn) by minors 19 and under.
  Pays for defense costs on claims covered by this policy but not covered by the primary policies.
  Additional optional coverages are available.  For example:
  Uninsured Motorist
  Underinsured Motorist
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